Søren Rood

I am a product manager at Replit working on tools for software creators. Some of my recent work includes Deployments, Replit AI, and Bounties.

Before Replit, I was a software engineer where I built liquidity products (market makers) for various brokerages.

You can reach out through Twitter, LinkedIn (opens in a new tab), or email (sorenrood [at] gmail [dot] com).

Archive (stuff i've worked on)

  • Replit Object Storage - Read, write, and save files in 3 lines of code.
  • Scheduled Deployments (cron jobs) - Type "run this script on Tuesdays at 2PM" and we'll handle the rest.
  • Autoscale & Static Deployments - We introduced static and autoscaling (scale-to-zero) deployments.
  • Reserved VM Deployments - Deploy apps to production VMs in 2 clicks.
  • Bounties: Marketplace Learnings - Some things we learned while building a software marketplace.
  • Bounties - We built a marketplace that's enabling top creators to make a living.
  • Replit Ghostwriter - We brought magic to the workspace.
  • Get Replit Famous - We made it easy for people to connect on Replit.
  • The New Publish Flow - We built a new publish flow so creators can easily share their work.
  • Your New Replit Profile - We made user profiles more fun.
  • Turning Down a $5M+ Term Sheet - I almost left Replit to build a payments startup.
  • ReplCon: Search 2.0 - A brief talk I did with one of my colleagues.
  • We Built a Search Engine - We indexed 100 million+ Repls and built an interface for finding them.
  • Solidity on Replit: Diving into Web3 - I helped build the Replit Solidity environment. This project went viral and is now listed on ethereum.org.
  • Replit Ventures 0 - I started and operated Replit's incubator and helped teens raise at $15M+ valuations.
  • Building Amazon Alexa Skills on Replit
  • How to Send Ethereum in 19 Lines of Python
  • Blubbr - A blogpost about my (sunsetted) fintech startup. We built a $1,200 MRR business with 6,000 users in 1 month (all on Replit).