Søren Rood

I am a product manager at Replit. Most of my work revolves around giving creators the tools they need to build, share, and earn. Some of my recent projects include Deployments, Ghostwriter, Bounties, and Community.

Before Replit, I was a software engineer where I built liquidity products (market makers) for various brokerages.

You can reach out through Twitter or email me at sorenrood [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • Deployments - Deployments: the fastest way to go from idea -> production.
  • Bounties: Marketplace Learnings - A few tweets about marketplace learnings.
  • Bounties: Get Paid to Build - We built a marketplace that's enabling top creators to make a living.
  • Replit GhostWriter: Our Flagship AI Feature - We brought magic to the workspace.
  • Get Replit Famous - We made it easy for people to connect on Replit.
  • The New Publish Flow - We built a new publish flow so creators can easily share their work.
  • Your New Replit Profile - We made user profiles more fun.
  • Turning Down a $5M+ Term Sheet - I almost left Replit to build a payments startup.
  • ReplCon: Search 2.0 - A brief talk I did with one of my colleagues.
  • We Built a Search Engine - We indexed 100 million+ Repls and built an interface for finding them.
  • Solidity on Replit: Diving into Web3 - I helped build the Replit Solidity environment. This project went viral and is now listed on ethereum.org.
  • Roy Bahat and Soren Rood - I talk about dropping out of college with Roy Bahat from Bloomberg Beta.
  • Making Money as a Programmer - A conversation between Amjad Masad, Roy Bahat, and myself.
  • Replit Ventures 0 - I started and operated Replit's incubator and helped teens raise at $15M+ valuations.
  • Building Amazon Alexa Skills on Replit
  • How to Send Ethereum in 19 Lines of Python
  • Blubbr - A blogpost about my (sunsetted) fintech startup.